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The Advanced Diploma in Project Management programme.


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A global approach to academic and pragmatic project management excellence.


If you have ever contemplated taking a project management course, it should be crystal clear that a fast-track course does no justice to your plans to become a practical project professional especially if you have any intention of ‘going global’.

Getting PM Career Success by design:

How to become a successful Project Management Practitioner


The Career Development Recipe

The first step is …


The second step is …


The third step is …


·         Project Management Knowledge

·         Project Management Education

·         Work-experience programme

·         Project Apprenticeships

·         Guidance from the BEST-OF-THE-BEST Global Project Practitioners.

QUALITY TRAINING in Project Management

The British School of Project Management offers QUALITY TRAINING in Project Management at two levels:

          Project Management Knowledge

o   Fast-track PM courses leading to recognised professional certifications.

          Project Management Education

o   A complete academic and practical expose of project management in business context with an emphasis on the link between strategy and practical delivery - The Global Project Practitioner.


What is the Advanced Diploma in Project Management?
A prestigious award issued by the British School of Project Management, United Kingdom, a master of all aspects of project management conferring Advanced Diplomas to deserving candidates.

Why enrol for the ADP programme?
Project Management has been the career-craze for the last 10 – 15 years and professionals from all disinclines and industries have been clamouring to get PM Certified in the shortest time possible. It is now becoming crystal clear that short courses in project management are ideal for the purpose of achieving project management knowledge however a fast-track a course does (no) justice to your plans to becoming a Global Practitioner.


Global Project Practitioners, as we describe the graduates of the ADP programme, are thoroughly trained academically, pragmatically with the requisite for delivery to time-quality-budget; realising the dream of clients on a local and global scale.


The ADP is designed for professionals who want to develop the ability to run a project from start to finish!


Our ADP Graduates are Able Practitioners which industries seek for exemplary business results. The ADP graduate is Global Project Practitioner as they are called, because of the comprehensive, pragmatism and thorough training the rigorous syllabus demands.


The ADP Programme content

The 20 advanced Project Management and Business modules and the following short courses Professional Certificate in Project Management, PM Methodology &Tools and the American Project Management Certification.


The 20 Modules are detailed below:-

Modules 1 – 10

Modules 11 - 20

ADP Module 1 Project Genesis

ADP Module 11 eBusiness & Web technology

ADP Module 2 Lifecycle of Projects

ADP Module 12 Projects Approach

ADP Module 3 Business Strategy

ADP Module 3b Business Administration

ADP Module 13 Setting up the Project Environment

ADP Module 4 Psychology

ADP Module 14 Time, Quality and Budget

ADP Module 5 Psychology Client Supplier

ADP Module 15 Procurement

ADP Module 6 Research

ADP Module 16 Tools and Technologies

ADP Module 7 Communication

ADP Module 17 Image Counts

ADP Module 8 Customer Services

ADP Module 18 Computation and Mathematics

ADP Module 9 Marketing Accounts Econs Statistics

ADP Module 19 Health, Safety & Environment

ADP Module 10 Science & Technology

ADP Module 20 Quality goals& their Achievement


Who is the ADP programme suitable for?
Whether you have formal or informal qualification, you are welcome to develop yourself and unleash your true potential to achieve in any sphere.


How does the ADP programme run?
Classroom option: 360 hours of classroom training delivered by industry PM Practitioners.

Self-paced learning: The open-study option via DVD. This means freedom to the busy working professionals.


To order the full DVD training kit, see the DVD training below.


So how much will this great opportunity cost me?
Tuition Fee: At a specially discounted fee of £3,999 (new tuition fee in 2020 £4,999) with an initial payment of £1,000 (new deposit payment in 2020 is £1,999) to start and the balance payable at £399 per month until the full amount is paid.


There are no interest payment charges so long as you maintain your payment promise.


Flexible learning, discounted fees and flexible payments!


So when can I start?
The British School of Project Management Worldwide team has taken the time to educate-the-world of the importance of obtaining a worthy Award in Project Management which caters to the practical need of industries. As a result of this, we are inundated with applications from across the globe and to cope with this demand, a new class commences every Saturday of the year with the exception of religious holiday weekends.


The open-study option learning via DVD… This means freedom to learn when you are free … this is the self-paced open from 3 months intensive to up to 18 months to complete the programme.


What are the requirements?
If you have a diploma or degree, you will gain automatic acceptance onto this programme! If you do not have formal qualification however you posses relevant work experience, we will accept you under the Mature Applicant category; you must be over 21 years of age to qualify.


I already have international PM certifications - can I still be a candidate?
Yes, if you have the PRINCE 2 Foundation & Practitioner and PMI – PMP, you gain automatic admission!

To apply, simply click here


You get the following FREE with your enrolment …

  • 360 hours of classroom or DVD study
  • Study material – Official E-BOOK
  • One year membership – British Project Professional upgradable to British Project Practitioner upon graduation from the ADP Programme.
  • Student ID card – allowing Worldwide
  • Examinations
  • Certificates & awards
    • of completion
    • of achievement i.e. Advanced Diploma Award

DVD training

To order the full DVD training complete the form below and return via email to

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Getting the Global Advanced Diploma in Project Management Award

What does the British School of Project Management expect of every Global-ADP candidate?


Academic and Pragmatic requirements



The theory component of the Global Advanced Diploma is a total of 20 advanced project management and business modules totalling 360 hours




Pre-requisite courses are:- 36 BPM* + 36 APM**+ 16 PRIMAVERA  totalling 88 hours

*BPM = British Project Management i.e. Executive Master’s Certificate in PM

**APM = America Project Management i.e. Training and Exam Prep. Based on PMBOK



10 Assignments at an average of 4 hours per assignment totalling 30 hours



3 Examinations i.e. each examination comprises 1 hour objective + 3 hours theory = 12 hrs examinations



30,000 word dissertation over a maximum 3-month period at 15 hours per week = 195 hours



Practical Project Management i.e. Work experience WEXP programme, apprenticeship or project placement at 20 hours per week over 3 months = 120 hrs



Personal study time, research e.t.c. at 6 hours per week over 6 months



TOTAL: Intellectual investment & effort total in hours



With all this intellectual investment and effort, every Advanced Diploma in Project Management Graduate is sure to excel above the fast-track short course professional!

You have made the RIGHT-CHOICE!


What do I achieve after 1,111 hours?

With one thousand one hundred and eleven hours of hard work academics and pragmatics you get:



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